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Services & Licenses


APRO’s Building Demolition division is dedicated to the production of the highest quality performance and management in trade. As we broaden the scope of services that we extend to our clients, we maintain an open perspective and are always willing to entertain new challenges.

Works in the field with our own forces of Building Demolition includes:

  • Interior selective demolition or strip-off
  • Knock down whole building
  • Government buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Institutional buildings
  • All other aspects of building demolition

Asbestos, once a highly valued construction material, is today one of most heavily regulated materials by governments and the target of environmentalists who view the materials as highly detrimental to the health of building occupants to avoid potential health hazards and costly litigation.

APRO Enterprises, Inc. is fully equipped, licensed, bonded and insured “Complete Asbestos Abatement Contractor” serving three states, State of Maryland, Commonwealths of Virginia and Washington, D.C. Our thoroughly trained and experienced staff members in this division have successfully completed numerous asbestos removal projects for past 19 years.

The mostly common Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) removal projects performed by APRO are:

  • ACM Thermal Insulations – pipes and fittings, duct insulations, boiler and mechanical tank insulations

  • ACM Building Materials – plaster, floor tiles and adhesives, ceiling tiles

APRO’s Asbestos abatement division is also handling Lead-Based paint and Mold abatement with extensively experienced management staffs and field force.

      Corporate Certifications and Licenses

  • U.S. SBA 8(a) graduated in 2004
  • U.S. SBA Self Certified SDB
  • Maryland DOT (MBE/DBE)
  • Virginia DOT (DBE)
  • District of Columbia DOT (MBE)
  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (LDBE/DBE)
  • Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (SDB/MBE)
  • WSSC Certified Local Disadvantaged Business (LDBE)
  • Maryland Asbestos Contractor License
  • Maryland Lead Paint Contractor License
  • D.C. Asbestos business license
  • D.C. Lead business license
  • VA Class A Contractor License
  • VA Asbestos Contractor License
  • VA Lead Paint Contractor License